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Elettric80 presented the SAFERUN project results to the European Commission during the final assessment of the ECHORD ++ program.

Technological innovations, collaboration with academic institutions and R&D to produce high-value-added and cutting-edge solutions. These are Elettric80’s skills; the same skills that the Viano-based company brought last February 21 to the meeting at the European Commission headquarters in Luxembourg. On that occasion, Elettric80 was invited to present the extremely positive results achieved by the European project SAFERUN (Secure And Fast rEal- time planneR for aUtoNomous vehicles) during the final evaluation of the ECHORD ++ program (The European Coordination Hub for Open Robotics Development). 

The growing human-machine interaction has launched one of the most important challenges in recent times: to combine efficiency and safety.
With this in mind, Elettric80, in collaboration with the Department of Information Engineering – University of Parma, took part in the European SAFERUN project, whose aim is to increase the staff safety level in industrial plants where autonomous vehicles are present. The SAFERUN project has allowed to identify innovative LGV motion planning techniques, while at the same time improving their overall performance in the environments in which they operate.
To this end, Elettric80 and the Department of Information Engineering, coordinated by Professor Corrado Guarino Lo Bianco, collaborated with the company PreGel, where the LGV navigation tests were carried out.

The project, supported with EU funds under the ECHORD ++ program – which promotes the collaboration among robot manufacturers, researchers and end users – achieved outcomes that exceeded initial expectations. The safety standards have been improved and the productivity level has been increased by 8.5%. The results were measured by implementing the new SAFERUN system in an automated warehouse after several months of testing under normal operating conditions.

The temporary installation has since turned into a permanent fixture, so much so that the automatic warehouse has become the first officially used plant. Today, thanks to the experience acquired, Elettric80 and the University of Parma pursue their collaboration, striving for ever more ambitious objectives.



SAFERUN was created with the purpose of increasing the current safety standards by providing the LGVs with the ability to plan their own speed, and therefore, to react immediately to emergency situations, such as the unexpected presence of objects or people along their trajectory. LGVs (Laser Guided Vehicles) are normally used in factories and warehouses to handle, store and load goods automatically. Usually, a fleet of LGVs is managed by a supervision system that coordinates its movements in an environment where also human operators are often present.

Elettric80, which designs and manufactures a wide range of LGVs for multinationals in the food, beverage and tissue sector all over the world, has always put safety at the forefront, and the necessity to operate under conditions of human-machine collaboration poses specific safety issues. The LGVs’ ability to react autonomously not only preserves but also increases the productivity levels in plants. The project is implemented in greenfield plants, but it has also been designed to be installed in existing systems, improving safety standards and productivity.



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