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SIRO - Integrated System to manage fleets of Mobile Robots

SIRO - Integrated System to manage fleets of Mobile Robots: predictive maintenance, fault diagnosis, performance monitoring, dynamic and safe navigation.
Elettric80's project financed with funds Por Fesr 2014-2020*. 

Purposes: the study and development of an integrated system to supervise and manage fleets of LGVs (Laser Guided Vehicles), which can improve the performances of the single vehicles, decreasing the incidence of breakdowns (both mechanical and/or electrical) of its parts. The system should achieve these goals by means of advanced functions that enable to monitor the vehicle working parameters and reduce mechanical stresses due to the vehicle movements in the work area.

Results: the aim is to extend the supervisory system to the new plants that are gradually being implemented and integrate it into the existing ones, so as to monitor remotely the operating conditions of a large number of vehicles. In doing so, it is possible to improve the overall efficiency of the plants, thanks not only to the reduction of unexpected breakdowns, but also to design developments that may arise from the analysis of the possible critical issues highlighted in a statistically significant database.

* Financial support granted totals 745,062.50 Euros

SIRO - Integrated System to manage fleets of Mobile Robots