Designed to fit inside a production line or to work autonomously, it ensures integrity and structural reliability.

The Woodpecker robot was designed by our BEMA partner for the automatic control of large volumes of pallets with a small footprint.

This is possible by using a single Fanuc robot to browse the empty pallets and a control unit to check the pallet size, control structural integrity, detect missing or detached planking, and reset protruding nails.

The Woodpecker can be equipped with an optional brushing system that, coupled with an intake system, ensures that foreign bodies are removed from the pallets.
Pallets that do not meet customer standards are discarded and inserted into a stack that can be returned to the vendor; those "validated" are instead stacked and can be re-used in the production plant.

The Woodpecker robot for pallet control has been designed to be inserted into a line and to work in full autonomy as a single machine.

The system, completely accessible from the ground, does not need expensive platforms and eliminates the risks of working at height.

Using the Woodpecker robot for pallet control allows you to remove "damaged pallets" from your intra-logistic system, thus improving its efficiency and safety.



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