Designed to integrate multiple software languages ​​and ensure optimal management of business processes.

Elettric80 has implemented the Smart Decision Maker, SDM, the system application that ensures to customer’s maximum integration of logistic processes and complete system automation. It is a software package which can be modulated and integrated to different environments, depending on your requirements.

The SDM communicates with palletizers, stretch-wrappers, automatic doors and other devices controlled by the Pro Logical Controller (PLC). It also coordinates the handling of materials with the Large Goods Vehicle (LGV), from the Smart Store to the warehouse.

Smart Decision Maker integrates with both business and logistical requirements - such as product features, production forecasts, inbound material receipt notifications, shipping orders - through customer systems, ERP, WMS, MES, Thus ensuring efficient handling of product and optimized use of warehouse space. The system allows all information to be managed in real time via the Graphical User Interface that can be installed on fixed and mobile workstations, ensures the perfect traceability of all data. At any time, you can view warehouse stock details, monitor available space, check shipping progress status and, for example, change priority. Through the Graphical User Interface you can also check in real time not only the different stock movements, but also the status of the devices, the LGV and the Smart Store. Smart Decision Maker also represents a reporting tool for tracking and monitoring the performance of the system and the Elettric80 machines.


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