Designed to preserve system autonomy, speed and flexibility, they increase the efficiency of the production line.

The Silkworm stretch wrapping system designed by our BEMA partner guarantees flexibility, high speed, reduced film usage and operational autonomy.

It is comprised of a single Fanuc robot or, for lower speed applications, a Cartesian system that, combined with a patented wrapping head, applies the film to the finished product.

The film application system pre-stretches the film and works together with the rotating table in order to apply the film, exactly as required, preserving the integrity of the pallet. By using one-meter film rolls, the wrapping system guarantees high throughput while maintaining a low component speed.

The Silkworm wrapping system is designed to be installed in line with the palletizer or as an autonomous island that, when supplied by LGV, can handle the production of several palletizers simultaneously. Through the tracking of the pallets and the standard Silkworm programming, a single wrapping pattern specific to the requirements of that product can be applied to each SKU pallet.

By equipping the system with an automatic wrapper head replacement system; the wrapper can operate for eight hours without any operator intervention. System autonomy increases the efficiency of the production line.


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