Safety is priority in everything we do and at every level of our company.

Activities involving manually operated fork trucks are among the major reasons for incidents in manufacturing/warehouse facilities. It is clear objective of Elettric 80 to increase the manufacturing plant and warehouse safety through automation.

It is with this objective that we continue to invest significant resources to further improve safety by adopting the latest proven designs, operating practices, training and technology.

Automatic Guided Vehicle Systems (AGVS) are very different in comparison to process and packaging machinery in a production line:

  • These process and packaging machines are stationary and operate in the same place all the time and when they stop, they will stop the line.
  • An automatic guided vehicle system often operates throughout a large area - including areas in and around the production lines, throughout the warehouse and shipping docks. Stopping “the line” does not necessarily stop the AGVS.

With safety as priority - Elettric 80 performs number of activities before, during and after system implementation. Some examples of these activities are:

  • R&D activities to ensure machines / machine designs are state of the art and using the latest technology.
  • Presales system engineering during which, based on the specific project requirements of the customer, (space available, material flows and in case of warehouses inventory/SKU requirements) a first risk assessment will be performed.
  • Customer plant visits to inform the customer of best practices to reduce residual risks.
  • Safety training programs to inform customers of best operating practices.
  • Pre/delivery safety inspections to review actual site and to improve any areas of operation.
  • On-site Safety audits during system implementation by a dedicated Elettric 80 Safety Manager.

With safety as a priority – Elettric 80 Customer Care programs are offered to customers after the systems are in operation. Some examples of Customer Care program goals:

  • Keep each LGV in the system well maintained and fully operational.
  • Prevent any total system shutdown caused by hardware/software/procedural issues between E80 SDM (Smart Decision Maker), customer ERP and customer communications network.
  • 24/7 technical hotline support.
  • Monitoring of system performance, support the customer with necessary upgrades/modifications/consultancy to adapt to new operational requirements (new production lines, pallet types, increased production capacity etc.).
  • Provide recurring training on how to safely and efficiently operate the system.
  • Provide Consultancy for operational and technological safety improvements.
  • For larger system provide embedded engineering services and consignment parts.

All above with the aim of having a system that continues to be reliable, that performs tasks that are consistent with the current operational requirements, that are operated safely by trained operators and that mixed traffic (with manual forklifts doing work that LGVs are supposed to do) is avoided.