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Integration, flexibility, efficiency and safety,
from raw materials to truck loading

Elettric80 has radically changed the internal logistics systems of factories by achieving some of the world’s most efficient and secure technological solutions.
Thanks to a thorough analysis of both logistic flows and storage models of our customers, we develop highly-integrated systems capable of responding, in a personalized way, to each customer's needs.

Focused on fast-moving consumer goods companies, especially in the food, beverage and tissue sectors, we support and accompany change by constantly improving our technological, engineering and IT know-how in order to optimize the management of all processes.

All Elettric80 solutions guarantee:

  • Improved factory safety
  • Total product traceability
  • Modular and flexible solutions
  • Efficiency and continuity
  • Remote connections with advanced functionality
  • High levels of integration

Elettric80, thanks to its experience and competence in the automation of production processes, has a specialized know-how and offers comprehensive and in-depth technical and feasibility studies that are indispensable to ensuring integrated solutions tailored to the specific needs of each customer.
Preliminary plant studies are based on reliable and customized analysis, both of a theoretical and mathematical nature, as designed by the engineering and IT team.

Elettric80 has been implementing feasibility studies for customers around the world for years. In this way, we assure the customer the ability to evaluate and achieve complete and optimal solutions in line with their investment levels, providing significant benefits and effective rationalization of the time and cost of design and implementation.

Feasibility studies include different combinations of the following components:

  • Detailed materials/ product flow mapping
  • Detailed stock keeping units (SKU) analysis
  • Detailed system design, layout drawing and functional description
  • Interface/ configuration of the system
  • Documents with functional descriptions, complete processes analysis and SDM functions to be implemented
  • Preliminary HW configuration with recommended interface/communication with existing ERP and PC/PLC systems
  • Safety aspects related to the proposed solution, including an indication of the main precautions to be taken and procedures to be implemented to ensure maximum safety in the work environment
  • Number of machines/devices needed to manage flows
  • Economical investment summary for installing and managing/maintaining the system