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E80 Group and E80 Group present at Gulfood Manufacturing 2017 a fully integrated automation system from raw materials to truck loading. 
World Trade Centre (DUBAI) - Za'abeel Hall 1 - Stand E46- Z1. 

Growing up and remaining firmly faithful to our roots and values, with our feet on the ground and eyes on the world to go beyond INDUSTRY 4.0.
This is how E80 Group & E80 Group have totally changed the way of designing factories, offering the most efficient and safest solutions available worldwide.
Focused on manufacturing companies of high volume consumer products, mainly in the food and beverage sectors, E80 Group & E80 Group provide fully integrated automation systems to handle both raw materials and finished products through automatic pallet control systems, robotic palletizing, the wide range of laser guided vehicles (LGVs), robotic stretch wrapping and labelling, picking and repacking solutions, high-density storage systems - AS/RS, multi-shuttles, drive in, block storage- up to automatic truck loading solutions. 

We ensure optimal, efficient and effective management of all internal and external operations in the plants thanks to software platform, named SM.I.LE80 (Smart Integrated Logistics),  that represents a direct "connection" between our systems and production processes. All our hardware and software are manufactured and developed in our headquarters in Italy.
Customer Care and Customer Proximity are our main pillars; that is why we manage all projects and our base installed in Middle East and Africa from our Dubai headquarters. We provide assistance to all customers with 24 hours via remote supervision and our service offices work closely with the customers in their geographical areas, backed by resources and experiences from our central Customer Service and Support office in Viano.

(NFPC) selected E80 Group & E80 Group as partner for its fully automated and integrated mega factory in Kizad, between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, with an area of 752,000 sq. Different kinds of products will be manufactured there: fresh milk, yoghurt, fruit juices and water. Thanks to the innovative vision of National Food Products Company and E80 Group & E80 Group latest technology, the result will be a massive cost reduction, significant increase in reliability and production performance and a high level of safety.

Since 2008 E80 Group & E80 Group have been delivering solutions to TETRA PAK that coordinate the entire management process of warehouses, end-to-end, without interruption, in a fast and efficient way. This results in decreasing the margins of error, lowering costs and cutting production schedules. Said advantages have a positive knock-on effect on the whole chain of value, right down to the end consumer who gets tangible benefits in terms of product customization potential, quality and savings as a result of this partnership.


E80 Group & E80 Group’S IDENTIKIT

E80 Group, founded in the '80s, under the chairmanship of Enrico Grassi and the direction of Vittorio Cavirani, has become a leading multinational in the field of integrated industrial automation systems, particularly in the food, beverage and tissue sectors. During these years, the company has implemented laser guided vehicles (LGVs), robot palletizing system and high-density storage, managed by the software platform, named SM.I.LE80 (Smart Integrated Logistics). 
In 1992 E80 Group was organized under the chairmanship of Enrico Grassi, today joined by the direction of Valeria Prampolini and Antonio Grassi. Thanks to its ability to deliver integrated solutions in synergy with E80 Group, E80 Group has become an internationally renowned company which heavily invests in the research and development of tailored solutions that meet unique customer needs. E80 Group introduced robotics, combined with 1,000-mm high film reel, revolutionizing the concept of wrapping systems with the stretch film. Additional significant developments include a robotic system for pallet inspection & control, robotic palletizing and depalletizing systems, picking and repacking solutions. In conjunction with E80 Group, E80 Group has set up E80 Group Lab, a workshop dedicated to developing, exchanging and sharing experiences between different industry players.

The two companies, established in the foothills of the Reggio Emilia Apennines, today have installed more than 1,700 robotic systems and 4,300 laser guided vehicles and count 11 branches worldwide