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E80 Group will be present at the Krakow Electrician Days

We are looking for young open minded people, mainly automation and IT programmers’ profiles, that want to learn new technology and travel around the world”.
This is the aim of E80 Group that will be present, 1-2 June 2017, at the Krakow Electrician Days, during the Job Fair and Company presentation, in AGH Krakow (B1 building). 
This event is promoted by the  Students Club SEP AGH and it was set up to merge job fairs, training blocks, lectures, debates on new technologies in electrical engineering, IT and automatics. 
The guest list includes more than 30 companies involved in the electrical and automation industry, scientists, academics students and graduates of AGH, in particularly faculties related to electrical engineering, computer science, electronics and automation sectors, undergraduates of other technical Universities from all over Poland and students’ clubs.

Jacek Dziedzic
Technical Coordinator
E80 Group sp. z o.o.
Ul. Życzkowskiego 19
31-864 Krakow
Dziedzic.J@E80 Group.it
www.E80 Group.com


E80 Group will be present at the Krakow Electrician Days