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Elettric80 and BEMA take part in Logismaster

Logismaster will include three stops in Colombia's leading cities for a series of conferences dedicated to the primary themes in logistics and will feature international speakers. 

Our companies will be participating with a designated exhibition area and a speech featuring Gary Urban, Americas Sales Director for Elettric80 and BEMA. He will speak on logistics efficiency: a concept that, while straightforward, is difficult to achieve. The presentation will focus on how to build the ideal distribution center and factory (i.e., optimized and fully digitized spaces) designed from the outset to increase production and distribution per operator as well as per square meter of occupied land.


The event dates are:
September 10th - Medellín at the Centro de eventos - El Tesoro
September 17th 
- Bucaramanga - Holiday Inn Hotel
September 19th
 - Bogotá - Hotel Cosmos 100

View the programme:


Elettric80 and BEMA take part in Logismaster