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Enrico Grassi and Vittorio Cavirani Greetings

Springing from a dream, in the early ‘90s, we created the laser-guided technology – called Primo – that we used to design and build the first factories 4.0: smart, integrated, sustainable, and ahead of their time.

Investing and innovating was the path we chose 40 years ago.

We did it for the local community, for our people, for training our young, for redeveloping infrastructures, and for driving research.

Then as now, it was teamwork that allowed us to make a difference: the sharing of strong values; the commitment and responsibility of those who work within our Group, at the Viano headquarters and in our 13 branches worldwide; the development of a short supply chain within the local production structure; the collaboration with partners; and the trust of customers.

Together, we achieved our 2020 targets and laid the foundations for a successful approach to 2021.

We have achieved these goals because we think up, design, manufacture, install and maintain our systems over time in an increasingly sustainable way.

Together, we can build and safeguard a better future for our families and our local community.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Enrico Grassi, President of E80 Group and E80 Group

Vittorio Cavirani, Vice President of E80 Group E80 Group

Enrico Grassi and Vittorio Cavirani Greetings