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E80 Group and E80 Group have totally changed the way of designing factories, offering one of the most efficient and safest solutions available worldwide. Focused on manufacturing companies of high volume consumer products, mainly in tissue, beverage and food sectors, the companies specialize in the implementation of flexible, modular, integrated and automated solutions which allow planning and control of production, storage and shipping activities.
The results are a significant increase in factory efficiency, total traceability of handled products, maximum safety and cost-effectiveness. The main systems, designed according to the tissue customer’s needs are: a wide range of LASER GUIDED VEHICLES (LGVs); WOODPECKER pallet control system, DRAGON palletizer, SILKWORM stretch wrapper, ROBOTIC LABELLER and SMART STORE warehouses.

The whole process is managed centrally by a single software platform, named SM.I.LE80 (Smart Integrated Logistics), which ensures the optimal and effective management of all internal and external plant operations: from incoming raw materials to complete warehousing and shipping. Thanks to highly innovative hardware and software solutions, the two companies based in Viano have been making for over 20 years what everyone is talking about nowadays: factory 4.0, totally integrated and automated. Besides an extremely cutting-edge technology and a high level of technical competence, E80 Group and E80 Group guarantee to their worldwide business customers a 24/7 remote and on-site assistance and support service which enables them to remain 4.0 over time. In fact, 20 technicians work in 5 shifts within the two companies’ Customer Service and Support departments. Three shifts ensure them a constant remote assistance and support service, co-operating with the customer’s operators and, if requested, in large-scale plants, working in close synergy with E80 Group and E80 Group’s Embedded Engineers, with the aim of guaranteeing efficiency to the plants proposed over time. Two additional shifts are engaged in continuous training programmes, assisting testers in the workshop; thus, all the five-shift technicians, by turns, are constantly updated on the technological innovations that will be implemented in the customers’ plants.




ELEPHANT LGV system for parent reel transport and warehousing helps customers to achieve higher line uptime, better product tracking and reduced waste.

WOODPECKER pallet control automatic system ensures that only pallets complying with the customer’s requirements are used in the manufacturing process. It prevents problems in production, during the handling with LGVs as well as inside the automatic warehouses and prevents damage to the final product.

DRAGON palletizer, with fully robotic layer preparation, is designed to allow packs, bundles and cases to run at high speed on the same line with very frequent format changes.

SILKWORM robotic stretch wrapper, thanks to the use of the 1000-mm high film reel, the robotic technology and the motionless wrapping head, guarantees high production speed. Furthermore, it ensures maximum flexibility, allowing the stretch wrapping of pallets with different dimensions, while preserving the same quality and the product integrity as well as ensuring load stability. This solution has been designed to reduce the reel replacement frequency and the operator’s interventions, guaranteeing the reel automatic changeover without interruptions along the production line. The system is stand-alone, which increases the production line efficiency.

The ROBOTIC labeller, thanks to the use of an anthropomorphic robot to apply the labels, is able to manage labelling in reduced spaces and with high production speed, even in case of multiple labels and on several levels. The separation of the printer from the applicator arm allows exceptional ergonomics for the operator. This solution has been designed to reduce the reel replacement frequency and the operator’s interventions, guaranteeing the reel automatic changeover without interruptions along the production line. The system is stand-alone, which increases the production line efficiency.

SMART STORE is a high-density warehouse designed to meet the customers’ automatic storage requirements, including max capacity, number of simultaneous SKUs, cut offs, operating principles and any constraints of the building.


The compact solution for end-of-line: unique, strong, modular, and extremely efficient;
easy to use and maintain.

E80 Group and E80 Group have designed and implemented an innovative system for the tissue industry that integrates the technologies of both companies. Within the space of only 12m x 7.5m, the SMART BOX combines palletizing, wrapping, and labelling in a flexible and compact layout. The SMART BOX system -- easy to use and maintain -- offers multiple advantages, such as high efficiency, low accumulations, and low maintenance costs that remain constant over time thanks to the limited number of mechanical components. The implementation of SMART BOX has also made it possible to improve the performance of the robotic labeller, consolidating a new range of products and developing a very compact and simplified product-input management, ideal for medium outputs. The SMART BOX concept has already demonstrated that it can be applied not only in the tissue sector but also in other sectors, with positive long-term effects on the entire production line.

Reduced footprint
High ergonomics
Extreme efficiency

No manual adjustment for the format changeover
A single point of command and control
Supply of stretch wrapping film and label reels outside the protections
All points accessible from ground level

Automatic stretch wrapping reel changeover
Automatic labelling reel changeover
Robotic label applicator with camera application control




Roto-cart S.p.A. is a top quality integrated tissue producer, manufacturing toilet rolls, kitchen rolls, napkins and AFH products. All premium products are distributed through the brands Sensitive and Toffly for consumer market and Formula for away from home. The Company produces parent reels in the Group’s mill base in Borgo a Mozzano (Lucca) and converts them into finished goods at the completely new 48.000 m2 manufacturing, storage and distribution facility in Castelminio (Treviso). In addition the Company operates and managed a second converting plant in Piombino Dese, Padova Province actually Group’s HeadQuarter. The Group currently supplies some of the ITA’s largest retailers and wholesalers (2,7% market share of Italian market). The Group currently has 11 converting lines in operation, which include 5 recently commissioned lines (including the most advanced 900 meters / min Perini Print Unit equipped with all carbon rollers) for the completely new plant in Castelminio (this plant represents the state of the art in terms of integration and flexibility in the tissue market). For its new cutting-edge converting facility, Roto-cart S.p.A. chose E80 Group and E80 Group as sole partner in the establishment of one of the main greenfield production facilities in Padova. This is another important example of a fully integrated factory, from raw material input, scheduling of production and related processes, palletizing, stretch wrapping and warehouse management, full interaction with the client's ERP system, to finished product preparation for truck loading. The group decided to entrust E80 Group and E80 Group with an investment of over 20 million euros.



SOFIDEL boasts a turnover of more than 2 billion Euros and a worldwide presence. In an assertive and dynamic manner, SOFIDEL has internationalized its business efficiently, analyzing its manufacturing plants individually; it has reached this aim by relying on a technological and strategic approach for optimizing costs and the quality of solutions. SOFIDEL’s latest project is a green field plant built in Ohio, for which the Italian investors were congratulated by US President, Barack Obama. It is an outstanding 4.0 factory which is entirely automated and integrated, from the raw materials to the truck loading: an investment of over 30 million Euros, that the Group decided to entrust to E80 Group and E80 Group.The green field plant opened in Sweden in 2015 gives an idea of the magnitude of the project currently being implemented.



With an emphasis on high product quality and service, Papelera San Andres de Giles (PSAG) has consistently bet on technological and product innovation. Considered Argentina’s most efficient and modern tissue manufacturer today, it’s fair to say those bets have paid off. In 2016 PSAG was Internationally recognized with the prestigious PPI Tissue Innovation Award, honoring it’s Leadership, Vision, Innovation and Strategic Accomplishments. Step by step, over the years, all production processes have been integrated and fully automated. Starting from the automated LGV managed parent reel warehouse and flowing through to robotic palletizing, robotic stretch wrapping, LGV pallet transport, the 5 level high 10,000 pallet position LGV automated drive-in warehouse, automatic LGV pallet pre-staging, and the newly constructed self-supporting Smart Store high density warehouse, 7 levels high housing 16,000 pallet positions. Papelera San Andres de Giles and the Gagliardi family selected and entrusted E80 Group & E80 Group for every step along the way.


Integration is the future