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Measures taken by E80 Group and E80 Group to address the Covid-19 emergency

"Connected to People, Factories and Markets". At such a complex time, our Group is unceasingly committed to adopting all necessary measures to ensure the protection of people's health and of our services that support the essential production chains.

Following the Italian government decree that imposes a suspension of all activities until April 3, 2020, except for essential activities (such as food, beverages, textiles, chemicals, healthcare, etc...) and those instrumental to them, our Group has sent the necessary communications to the Authorities in order to lawfully perform, including at the Italian offices, the services that support the activities in those supply chains considered essential.

Therefore, our aim is to safeguard the health of our staff, their families and our surroundings, in addition to supporting the productive efforts of our customers required by the emergency situation. With a strong sense of responsibility, we are committed to ensuring the continuity of our work at our Italian headquarters and around the world, making use of our advanced technological infrastructures for networking.

Through smart work, we can accomplish all necessary tasks for our customers: remote technical support 24/7, maintenance and services, spare part orders, sales, as well as training for both clients and internal staff through e-learning tools.

Since the beginning of the emergency, we have undertaken -- and over the weeks, strengthened -- all the preventive measures prescribed to ensure the absolute protection of our personnel.

We have adopted all precautions for the safe management of work activities, both through initiatives consistent with current regulations for sanitation and personal protective equipment and through reorganizing our offices in regard to:

- The use of smart working;

- Job rotation and holiday plans;

- The introduction of health protection guidelines for all personnel at our headquarters and abroad, with the requirement to guarantee safety conditions in line with current Italian regulations, even where local governments have not adopted measures against Covid-19.

Together we will overcome this challenge and emerge even stronger than before.

Measures taken by E80 Group and E80 Group to address the Covid-19 emergency