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Smart Factories, a Sustainable Future

Held by Barilla, Elettric80 and BEMA and together, the live streaming event “Smart Factories & Sustainable Future” will take place on Tuesday, 20 October, at 4.30 p.m. (CEST). 

Alessandro Spadini, Plant Director at Barilla (Parma), Enrico Grassi, Elettric80 and BEMA President, and Vittorio Cavirani, Vice President of Elettric80 and BEMA, will illustrate how our intralogistics solutions contribute to improving factory sustainability.


During the live streaming event - moderated by Gabriele Grassi - Elettric80 and BEMA Global Communication Supervisor - it will be possible to ask questions in the chatbox (once logged on to YouTube) and/or by writing to the email address: live.questions@elettric80.it.  A few questions will be answered live; the others will be replied afterwards, via email. 

The event will be in Italian with simultaneous translation in English. 

Link to connect: https://youtu.be/3S3_L1KyG10



Smart Factories, a Sustainable Future