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The E80 Group meeting in Valencia

ADL, the Spanish Association for the Development of Logistics, and E80 Group will host the meeting "Beyond the Factory 4.0. Fully automated logistics systems," on Tuesday, February 12, from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm the Escuela de Negocios Lluis Vives of the Chamber of Commerce of Valencia.

It will be an opportunity for discussion and dialogue between experts in the sector and representatives of the main Spanish large-scale retail companies, who will talk about integrated logistics, factory efficiency, process optimization and technological innovation.

The meeting will be opened by Pier Francesco Fefè, Area Manager of Spain and Portugal for E80 Group, who will demonstrate the added values of the fully integrated and automated logistics solutions for factories worldwide that operate in the beverage, food and tissue sectors. This will be followed by a presentation of the case study of the Spanish company J. García Carrión, specialized in the production of fruit juices, nectars, barley and gazpacho, presented by its Director, Carlos Aparici: since 2014, the company has implemented a fully integrated system, between process, production and logistics, so as to face the market of the future in the most flexible way possible.

The E80 Group meeting in Valencia