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E80 Group among the winning companies of the Emilia-Romagna call

With the IT’S GREAT project we are investing more than 2 million euros in local economic activity and aiming to hire about 22 people.

Together with seven other companies, E80 Group Srl was the beneficiary of funds allocated by the Emilia-Romagna region in accordance with the law 14/2014 that promotes research and investment in the territory. Technological innovation and sustainable development: these are the region’s main objectives in allocating 7.3 million euros, with the goal of generating a total investment of 17.7 million euros and 193 new hires.  
The main purpose is to promote the development of new technologies and increase our companies’ competitive advantage on the international scene. With the IT’S GREAT project, E80 Group sets out on a path of technological and sustainable evolution, striving to improve the end-of-line automation solutions to meet the new challenges of environmentally friendly packaging and the current goods-handling and storage schemes of Industry 4.0. Our development plan will consist in implementing a complete, flexible and efficient solution for the management of the wrapping, labelling and storage phases, with a clear focus on the sustainability of products and processes, operator training and energy saving. Through this initiative, we aim to support a total investment of more than 2 million euros and to hire around 22 people, including at least 10 graduates.

E80 Group among the winning companies of the Emilia-Romagna call