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Beyond 4.0, Sustainable Smart Factories

The evolution of intralogistics as the driver of our future. Flexibility and integration with no trade-offs to respond to the exponential technological evolution that imposes rapid market changes.

E-commerce, the product blend, and the need to implement increasingly sustainable and safe technologies, reducing waste and inefficiencies, are driving the choices of many consumer goods manufacturers. To cope with rapid market changes, manufacturers are called upon to rethink and re-engineer not individual production lines but the entire factory process with a broad and long-term vision, using increasingly more flexible layouts, innovative software, reliable services, and high levels of expertise that allow quick reconfigurations. In this scenario, distribution and, even more importantly, intralogistics plays a major role with effects on the entire life cycle of the company. ”The rational and intelligent conduction of logistical flows, the ability to adapt to changes by monitoring and analyzing information in real-time are now strategic elements for many companies”, Andrea DelGrosso, Executive Vice President for Sales of E80 Group Group & CEO of E80 Group GMEA explains. “There are enormous potentials for improvement in this area. Over the last twenty years, the focus has been mainly on production plant efficiency, achieving excellent results. Today, competitiveness is played out almost exclusively in intralogistics and distribution. It is here that we can say there is room for improvement”. We are talking about a radical transformation spawn from the Industry 4.0 concept that impacts society as a whole in addition to the world of manufacturing. “The change we’re seeing doesn’t just affect the manufacturing process”, Andrea DelGrosso adds. ”It impacts the entire value chain with its ability to interconnect

and make all resources cooperate. The choices made over the years by E80 Group provide innovative answers to this transformation by offering factories and distribution centers integrated intralogistics automation solutions that allow them to adapt quickly to today’s needs and even more importantly those of tomorrow. The hardware and software innovations we have developed have allowed us to create the first Factory 4.0 back in the 1990s, where intralogistics was the fundamental link to enable the principles of lean production and smart manufacturing”. Sustainability, safety, interconnection, traceability, customer service... These are the key concepts of Industry 4.0.


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Beyond 4.0, Sustainable Smart Factories