Efficient and safe cutting-edge systems for any automated industrial plant

LGVs are one of the leading Elettric80 systems engineered to ensure maximum efficiency and safety within any automated industrial system. 

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Elettric80, specializing in fast-moving consumer products, is equipped with an engineering and IT team that increases the performance level of our Laser Guided Vehicles every day through the constant application of innovative solutions.

Thanks to our know-how in specific key areas such as food, beverage and tissue, we have a thorough knowledge of all of our customers' processes and are committed to constantly improving the technologies and solutions offered: from the control systems to the Customer Service.

Starting from these assumptions, in factories where complete flow automation is needed, we have created Laser Guided Vehicles capable of handling not only finished products but also packaging materials to be supplied to production lines.

All Laser Guided Vehicles are state-of-the-art and made with the best components available on the market: controls, safety devices, mechanical design, man-machine interfaces, lithium battery systems, wheel configurations and lifting groups. Reliable and quality technologies, fast and flexible: a success for us and for our customers as they reduce time, cost and error.

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