The DRAGON Tissue palletizing cell is designed for flexibility, speed and accessibility 

Gentle handling of individual packages and full layers eliminates the risk of product damage and provides the flexibility needed to stack various formats (e.g. wrapped packs, trays, bags, boxes) on multiple pallet platforms (i.e. full pallets, half pallets, display pallets, no pallets).It's suitable for rolls of toilet tissue, kitchen towels and folded products.

The DRAGON Tissue palletizing cell is designed to be close-coupled to the end of the packaging line and is completely accessible from floor level, eliminating the need for expensive platforms and the safety risks associated with working on raised surfaces.

Equipped with an operator-friendly HMI and Auto-Pallet Pattern software, the DRAGON Tissue palletizer is designed for quick recovery after upset conditions and is capable of changing to rapid format changes without mechanical adjustments.


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