The compact solution for end-of-line: unique, robust, modular, and extremely efficient; easy to use and maintain.

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Within the space of only 12m x 7.5m, the SMART BOX combines palletizing, wrapping, and labelling in a flexible and compact layout.

The SMART BOX system -- easy to use and maintain -- offers multiple advantages, such as high efficiency, close-couple to production lines, and low maintenance costs that remain constant over time thanks to the limited number of mechanical components. The implementation of SMART BOX has also made it possible to improve the performance of the robotic labeller, consolidating a new range of products and developing a very compact and simplified product-input management, ideal for medium outputs.

The SMART BOX concept has already demonstrated that it can be applied not only in the tissue sector but also in other sectors, with positive long-term effects on the entire production line.


  • Reduced footprint
  • Excellent ergonomics
  • Extreme efficiency


  • No manual adjustment for the format changeover
  • A single point of command and control
  • Supply of stretch wrapping film and label reels outside machine guarding
  • All points accessible from ground level


  • Automatic stretch wrapping reel changeover
  • Automatic labelling reel changeover
  • Robotic label applicator with camera application control

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