The CB Mono Drive is a laser guided AGV with extensible forks capable of moving products from one area of a plant to another, automating loading and unloading operations.
Depending on model (CB10 - CB12 - CB16 - CB20) the Mono Drive can carry loads of up to 2 tons and lift to heights of up to 8.5 m.
Maximum speed is 1.5 m/sec.
The CB Dual Drive is fitted with steering driving wheels (instead of one front wheel like the CB Mono Drive). This allows the vehicle to carry loads of up to 3 tons, again depending on model (CB25 - CB30). Maximum lifting height is 9.5 m.

Areas of application:
This extremely effective LGV is very popular in the beverage, food and tissue sectors.

Reasons for choosing this LGV:
The CB optimizes logistic operations in production plants, facilitating and speeding up conveyor, ground and block-storage loading and unloading.
The Dual Drive version is also able to operate in Twin-Load storage systems, i.e. systems in which two pallets of product can be stored simultaneously.
The CB is also an excellent automatic truck loading system.


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