Deeply connected to our community, we are strongly tied to our roots.
Being an E80 Group partner means sharing values ​​and starting a collaborative effort to continue the growth of our organization, our customers and our territory.
Food and wine is one of the jewels of Emilia Romagna, so we are proud to guide our customers along an experiential journey that appreciates all the excellence of the region. Enjoy genuine products, traditional dishes, prepared with passion and selected raw materials, enjoy high quality wines: an experience that we share with our customers, a little taste of what Italy is famous for all over the world!

A taste of italy

Local products

Conducting business with E80 Group is not just about technology and finance.
It is about developing partnerships and understanding how we and our customers have evolved and how this relates to the culture of our organisations.

At E80 Group, we are heavily involved in our local community and are very proud of our heritage.
Food and drink are two key exports of our region and when time allows we are delighted to take our customers on a "trip of the senses".
Eating well, enjoying a good bottle of wine and tasting "Aceto Balsamico" in one of our best restaurants is an unforgettable experience and something we always like to share with our guests.

On the following we would like to give you a little insight into what Italy is famous for all around the world, apart from the E80 Group Freeway system of course!

A vinegar maker

In the heart of the ancient lands of Countess Matilde of Canossa, among the charming hills of Viano and Baiso, is where the vinegar-cellar Acetaia G&G is located.

The traditional recipe, ancient knowledge handed down from father to son, is followed with care and accuracy by the Grassi Family.
The result is an extraordinary product, aged in vintage barrels, which will make any special occasion.

  • Acetaia G&G
  • Via Borgo di Visignolo - 42031 Baiso / Reggio Emilia / Italy
  • Phone (0039) 0522 987259 - Fax (0039) 0522 987306

A cheese maker

Fattoria Rossi is located in the area once ruled by Countess Matilde of Canossa at the foot of the Reggio Hills, the home of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.

It is a family-run farm that has been making this acclaimed cheese for many generations, handling every phase of production: from raising the cows and producing the milk, to processing and marketing the finished product.

  • Fattoria Rossi
  • Via Giacomo Leopardi, 18 - 42020 Montecavolo di Quattro Castella
  • Reggio Emilia / Italy
  • Phone and Fax (0039) 0522 886 813

A restaurant

Good food is a long-standing tradition and passion with Ermanno Casini and his family. A core philosophy of La Capannina is: "every fruit has its own season".

Therefore, in the right season you will find mushrooms and truffles, which is typical Viano produce, while throughout the year you can enjoy dishes made with balsamic vinegar, a thousand-year old tradition in these historic lands dating from the days of Matilde, Countess of Canossa.

  • Ristorante La Capannina
  • Via Provinciale, 16 - 42030 VIANO / Reggio Emilia / Italy
  • Phone (0039) 0522 988 526

Bed and breakfast

Soft rolling hills broken now and again by suggestive castles. Historical towns deep in tradition and culture. Green valley's synonymous of relax and tranquility.

This is the Emilia and the countryside that surrounds the Country House which guests can discover and remain fascinated by. The Castles of Canossa and Carpineti, the old town of Casterllarano, the Petra di Bismantova and many more...

  • Country House GSG
  • Borgo Visignolo - Baiso / Reggio Emilia / Italy
  • Phone (0039) 0522 988 226 - Fax (0039) 0522 762 882