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We are a constantly growing company with branches all over the world: we develop integrated automation solutions that project our customers' factories into the future. To achieve 4.0 projects, we need 4.0 people! We enhance the talent and skills of those who work with us and for us.
We are highly motivated people, always in search for the best solution.

We are looking for team players who share our values and put them into practice every day. Elettric80 tirelessly strives to:


Our Enthusiasm guides us towards fascinating challenges and drives us to explore new ideas and realities.


Courage drives our will to conquer obstacles. We choose Charisma and Capability over comfort and commonplace. Rather than take refuge in the ordinary, we prefer the extraordinary.


Humility opens our minds, listening creates value, our experience guides us with confidence towards clear solutions.


Trust and Wisdom help us free the energy of those who wish to create and transmit the wealth of continuous shared growth.


We tie our roots to our objectives. Those who endeavor alongside us are partners in our continuous journey.

Are you ready for this challenge?

Yes, I share your values!

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