E80 Group, resulting from the integration of Elettric80 and BEMA, was created with the aim of strengthening its presence on the international market and promoting innovation for an increasingly sustainable growth.

Specialized in the development of automated and integrated intralogistics solutions for manufacturers of consumer goods operating in the beverage, food, tissue and other sectors, in 1992 the company anticipated the concept of Industry 4.0: the Smart Factory, sustainable, interconnected and safe.

The main systems produced by  E80 Group include palletizing robots, a wide range of laser guided vehicles, high speed robotic stretch wrappers, pallet control systems, robotic labelers, layer picking and repacking solutions, and automated high-density warehouses.

The entire logistics flow is centrally managed by the SM.I.LE80 software platform (Smart Integrated Logistics), the " orchestra conductor " that ensures the efficient integration of the systems, guaranteeing the optimal management of all operations, from the entry of raw materials to storage right through to shipping.

The tailor-made solutions designed by E80 Group allow to manage all the intralogistics activities of factories and distribution centers ensuring a significant increase in plant efficiency and the total traceability of the products handled, with positive cascading effects that improve the entire supply chain.

As of today, E80 has completed more than 300 integrated factories in various parts of the world and installed over 2000 robotic systems, 5000 automatic laser guided vehicles and, since 2016, 35 automated high-density warehouses.

The Group, based in Viano, in the province of Reggio Emilia, is present in Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, the United Arab Emirates, France, Japan, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Poland, Russia, Thailand and USA with the aim of being close to its customers. To this end, it offers 24/7 remote and on-site consulting and after-sales services ensuring businesses the highest levels of innovation, reliability and reduced error margins.
It also works with Tetra Pak and Sidel worldwide.

E80 Group has grown year after year, focusing on some fundamental assets, the result of the expertise gained in 40 years of history and the sharing of hardware and software competences: enhancement of people, research and development investments, in addition to a deep technological knowledge and an important adaptability to market needs.

Наши Ценности


Наш Энтузиазм приводит нас к увлекательным задачам и мотивирует нас исследовать новые идеи.


Мужество движет нашей волей к преодолению препятствий. Мы выбираем Харизму и Компетентность, а не комфорт и обыденность. Вместо того чтобы оставаться в обыденности, мы предпочитаем стремиться к экстраординарному.


Уважительность открывает наш разум, умение слушать - создает ценности, а наш опыт уверенно приводит нас к ясным решениям.


Доверие и Мудрость помогают нам высвободить энергию тех, кто хочет создавать и передавать достояние непрерывного общего роста.


Мы связываем наши корни и наши цели. Те, кто прилагает усилия вместе с нами, являются партнерами в нашем непрерывном путешествии.

Наши Ценности