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"From Reggio Emillia Valley to the conquer of the world. Interview with Enrico Grassi, President of Elettric80 & BEMA", published in the Italian magazine (n. January), Stampa Reggiana. 

"My dream was to establish an enterprising company: my meeting with Vittorio Cavirani, a great technician and currently our General Manager who soon became a good friend, enabled me to turn my dream into reality. We started off 38 years ago in Viano, a hamlet placed in a valley at the foot of the Reggio Emilia Apennines, where we founded Elettric80. At that time there were only five of us - we were all in our early 20s - and our company mainly worked under contract. Later, in the 90s, we took our first leap when we decided to bet on mechatronics and designed a new branded product: the first automatic laser guided vehicles (Laser Guided Vehicles). A few years later, we established BEMA, the second company based in Viano, of which I am President, specialising in the manufacture of products that perfectly complete the Elettric80 value chain. The two companies have continued to progress ever since and they have become two of the world’s leaders in the engineering and manufacture of systems and solutions that integrate processes from production through warehousing to the market, especially in the field of fast-moving food, beverage and tissue consumer goods. If I think back to the beginning of this journey, I must admit I could not possibly imagine we would come this far. Of course, I had a vision I believed in right from the beginning. Over the years I was fortunate to meet many valuable people who have shared and supported this vision with me. And the market did the rest, giving us the confirmations we needed”.


Integration is the future