Elettric80 was established in the 1980s in Viano, a town in the province of Reggio Emilia. The company is specialized in the implementation of solutions that are both flexible and modular, integrated and automated; they are designed for high-volume consumer products manufacturers, mainly in the food, beverage and tissue industries, as well as in diversified sectors such as ceramics and plastics.
In 1992, once again in Viano, the BEMA company was founded to develop robotics systems synergistic with those of Elettric80.

Elettric80 has completely changed the way we design factories, offering some of the most effective and secure solutions in the world: from production planning and control through to storage and shipping activities, resulting in a significant increase in factory efficiency and ensuring the total traceability of handled products. Thanks to highly innovative hardware and software solutions, Elettric80 revolutionized Factory 4.0 more than 20 years ago, earning world-wide recognition as the market leader of integrated automation solutions.
The main systems are designed according to the customer’s application needs: capacity, number of simultaneous SKUs, throughputs, operating principles, and constraints of the building. They include palletizing robots, a wide range of Laser Guided Vehicles (LGVs/AGVs), high-speed robotic stretch wrappers (SILKWORM), depalletizers and pallet control systems, robotic labellers, AS/RS warehouses (Stacker Crane Solutions) and Smart Store (Multilevel Solution), picking and repacking systems and a compact, end-of-line solution that cleverly combines palletising, wrapping and labelling functions in a flexible and compact layout (SMART BOX)

The whole process is managed centrally by a single software platform developed by Elettric80, named SM.I.LE80 (Smart Integrated Logistics), which ensures a "direct link" between systems and production processes: from incoming raw materials to complete warehousing and shipping management.
Currently, Elettric80 has installed more than 2,000 robotic systems and 4,500 Laser Guided Vehicles worldwide and has collaborated with Tetra Pak at a global level since 2007.
Beyond its headquarters in Viano, Elettric80 has set up branches in Australia, Brazil, Chile, the United Arab Emirates, France, Great Britain, Mexico, Poland, Russia, Sweden, the USA and Thailand (Bangkok). Thus, it can provide its customers with service and support, not only remotely (24/7), but also on-site, thereby guaranteeing constant efficiency over time.
The company has grown year after year, focusing on some key assets: the promotion of people and R&D, considerable technological knowledge, and a significant adaptability to market needs.


To be the world’s best provider of solutions that optimize the Value Chain of companies in the Consumer Products business.



To partner with our customers to increase productivity and quality. Safety, Innovation and Integration are the key elements of our solutions and services.



Passion for our customers

Being appreciated and trusted by our customers is what drives us.

Team spirit

We know that success only comes as a team, and if each team member performs his/her part diligently and proactively.


We always try to do the right thing and communicate with ourselves and our customers in an open, honest and polite way.


We operate in a professional manner with respect for the social and institutional structures in the countries where we work.


We take ownership and are determined to do what it takes in achieving our company’s goals.

Our people

We strive to see our people grow and contribute to the overall success of the company.


We have the humility to admit mistakes and embrace continuous improvement while striving for excellence in everything we do.