Customer Service and Support is one of the main pillars that we build our company upon. Our Customer Service and Support group takes pride in providing all of the service products that help users get the most out of their system investment. Our systems have a technical lifetime of 10+ years. During this time, the system can go through various changes, due to the market situations, new production requirements or increased volumes. Our Customer Service and Support team sees it as their mission to be there for our customers step-by-step during these times.
We continue to build a local service network around our key application areas and markets.


To be close to our customers is a key for growth, and that means being able to communicate in your language with personnel local to your area. Our service offices work closely with the customer locations in their geographical areas and are backed by resources and experiences from our central Customer Service and Support office in Viano. Our major installations benefit from Elettric80 Embedded Engineering packages, with a technician stationed at the customer site on 3-5 years contract intervals.

Main Customer Service and Support activities

Safety upgrade packages and training

Maintenance services

Embedded Engineering

24/7 help desk remote
technical support

Spare parts

Analysis of performance,
to identify potential improvements

Technical improvements

Additions / modifications to the original system

We are continuously improving each of the activities above. For example:

  • We are making major investments to increase spare-parts inventory while maintaining an attractive price level.
  • We are growing our help desk 24/7 technical support organization in order for our customers to be better assisted directly by an expert at any time necessary.
  • Beginning in 2016, we will launch the Interactive E-Catalogue for Spare Parts, allowing our Customer to look for a required component by means of an intelligent and intuitive search apparatus inside a 3D model of the machine. The Online version will allow Customers to get 24/7 updated information on spare parts – such as pricing, availability and lead time – place orders and check shipping status.

The best way to understand how to improve our systems is to be with our customers and listen to what they say. With this open communication, our goal is to have customers that are pleased to have chosen Elettric80 as a partner, who talk positively about the experience and about us as a company, and who return for future automation investments.