CUSTOMER SERVICE is one of the main pillars of Elettric80: it guarantees all its customers long-lasting maximum innovation, total safety, a reduced margin of error and complete factory efficiency, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Thanks to a team of highly professional experts, Elettric80 monitors and assists customers step by step, supporting them during the development of the system, and guaranteeing 24/7 support from its facilities in Viano. The plant engineering and IT systems at Elettric80 have a life cycle of more than 10 years, a time frame during which various changes may arise: new market situations, but also customers who may require different manufacturing requirements. Customer service provides after sales support, promptly answering customer requests and helping companies retain the superior value and operating capacity of their systems over time with respect to the chosen solutions.

Elettric80 guarantees customers get support and assistance by working closely with them across all geographical areas and in their target language. The aim is to build and consolidate a network of local support in all key markets. The Embedded Engineer includes a technician stationed at the customer’s facility with 3-5 year contracts in order to ensure the plant performance remains high over time, especially in large-sized plants, minimising the effects of obsolescence of high-tech products.

Elettric80’s training scheme for customers stems from the need to guarantee they have in-depth knowledge, both theoretical and practical, of Elettric80 technologies. Understanding and concretely knowing in minute detail the safety, functionality and maintenance of systems enables customer operators who need to interact daily with Elettric80 systems to understand how and when to intervene in the event of an anomaly, reducing plant downtime or, in the event of significant failures, facilitating communication with the Remote Support - Help Desk in Viano. From this perspective, the training scheme, which includes a theoretical part held in a classroom and a practical work session on the machines, and is provided in several languages, enables customers to optimise production times, making their factory increasingly efficient and productive, while at the same time guaranteeing optimal and safe conditions, and superior performance for the entire plant.

In order to offer customers support and assistance, on site and remotely, Elettric80 is developing the maintenance services of its systems. Corrective maintenance, in other words, the ability of machines to signal in real-time to Elettric80 technicians the need for urgent intervention; preventive maintenance, in other words the ability to prevent a fault by means of actions guided by standard rules written by technicians, in the simplest version possible; and predictive maintenance thanks to algorithms that exploit machine learning and manage to recognise a possible future fault situation and signal it in time. All this is devised to reduce or avoid breakages and machine downtime, to continue to have a reliable system consistently, which performs its tasks in keeping with current operating needs, managed safely by qualified operators.

Main Customer Service and Support activities