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From Expo Dubai to the Factory of the Future

"The factory we built in the United Arab Emirates with National Food Products Company (NFPC) is one of the first major food and beverage production facilities in the Middle East," explains Andrea DelGrosso, Executive Vice President Sales & Group Strategy - E80 S.p.A Chief Executive Officer - E80 GMEA. The greenfield area extends over 752 thousand square meters, of which 550 thousand are covered, where new bottling lines are combined and integrated with existing lines from other plants of the Group. Located in Kizad, between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the factory has been operational since 2018 and within it different types of products are managed, such as fresh milk and yogurt, fruit juices in Tetra Pak, PET and HDPE and even including water in PET containers with volumes ranging from 0.33 liters up to 25-liters.

"After a few months of discussion, the NFPC multinational understood the unique quality and great potential of employing E80 Group as the main interlocutor for the development of one of the largest factories in the United Arab Emirates" recalls the Dubai CEO.

We are talking about total integration: from the entry of raw materials to the scheduling of production and related processes, including palletizing, wrapping and warehouse management, complete communication with the customer's ERP, up to the shipment of the finished product with automatic truck loading. In total, the project boasts 10 palletizers, 46 LGVs, two robotic wrapping systems, a pallet control island, a SmartStore automatic warehouse with 20,000 pallet places on 11 levels (extendable to 30,000 pallet places), block storage warehouses both at room temperature and controlled temperature (cold warehouse), and 8 automatic truck loading bays. All of it is managed by the SM.I.LE80 software platform.

"In this project,” explains DelGrosso, “through SM.I.LE80 we have also implemented: an automated management system for manual forklifts in the raw warehouse; the Yard Management System (YMS), which organizes the factory yard; and the Transport Management System (TMS), which was the last step to obtain total traceability of the product, from the manufacturing factory to the distribution centers".

This avant-garde factory model has been replicated not only in the food & beverage industry but also in other industrial sectors all over the world.
Explore the evolution of supply chain operations with us at Expo 2020 Dubai.

For any information click on the link: https://smartfactory.e80group.com/nfpc-expo-2020


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