Designed according to the customer's application needs, they satisfy all the storage and internal handling needs of beverage, food and tissue production and distribution companies

The Smart Store is a high-density warehouse designed by Elettric80 to meet the automatic storage requirements of finished product pallets in fast-moving consumer goods manufacturing companies. 

The system is equipped with battery shuttles that carry a satellite on board and each level works independently. The satellite collects and carries the palettes into the rack. The shuttle carries the satellite, while simultaneously charging satellite battery.

The Smart Decision Maker software manages the Smart Store and Laser Guided Vehicles. The rack is completely passive and therefore provides low maintenance costs and reliable, secure 24/7 operations. Every Smart Store system is designed to meet the customer's application needs, including max capacity, number of simultaneous SKUs, cut offs, operating principles and any building constraints.

As an alternative to traditional sprinklers, innovative fire protection devices are available.


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Laser Guided Vehicles installed




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