Multi-depth storage and independent handling on all levels

In line with finished product pallet automatic storage needs, E80 Group has developed two types of automated warehouse, known as Smart Store and Crane Store. Both solutions offer guaranteed integration and optimization of the supply chain.

Why choose an E80 Group automated warehouse?


    Number of SKUs to be stored and handled simultaneously; output; production volumes; functionality; building constraints.


    An efficient client consultancy service, integrated with discrete-event simulation software, allows different solutions to be compared beforehand, verifying their functionality, and ensuring maximum process optimization, with high result reliability.


    E80 Group can supply turnkey solutions for projects developed from scratch (greenfield), as well as for existing plants (brownfield), incorporating innovative supervision and fire prevention devices, lighting and air conditioning systems. A single software platform, SM.I.LE80, supervises warehousing systems, peripheral infeed/outfeed systems and LGVs/AGVs, ensuring maximum performance, flexibility and reliability.


    The Smart Decision Maker software puts the automated warehouse in dialog in its complexity (battery-powered shuttles, satellites, racks) and integrates it with AGV/LGV automated vehicles.

High density automated warehouse: the Smart Store solution by E80 Group: 

SMART STORE systems provide multi-depth pallet storage with independent movement at each level. A combination of shuttles and satellites ensures excellent performance in complete safety. Lithium ion battery power means reduced maintenance costs while regenerative technology ensures excellent energy savings. The result is a winning solution in terms of maximized storage density, operating frequencies and system modularity. The system can also automatically check all the batteries installed daily, thanks to Flash Data Center, the software developed by Kaitek Flash Battery for E80 Group. The use of lithium batteries also allows the absence of wiring on the structure.

The Smart Store system is equipped with battery-powered shuttles that carry a satellite on board and each level works independently. The satellite collects and transports the pallets in the channels of the rack. The shuttles transport the satellite, recharging the battery at the same time. The rack is completely passive, meaning low maintenance costs and reliable and safe operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For increased safety, as an alternative to traditional sprinklers, innovative fire protection devices are available.

High-density automated warehouse: the AS/RS with cranes Storage solution by E80 Group: 

AS/RS STORE systems use stacker cranes equipped with automatic product handling devices for single, double and multi-depth storage. Because they can operate at impressive storage heights (over 40 m), these systems dramatically increase warehousing capacity for the same floor space. As well as excellent dynamics, the technology involved also ensures maximum energy savings and minimum maintenance costs.


More than 350 integrated solutions


More than 2500 robotic systems


More than 6500 AGVS and LGVS


Since 2016, 40 automated high-density warehouses