SILKWORM, the range of robotic stretch wrapping systems, guarantees reliability, safety and high performances



BEMA has revolutionized the concept of pallet wrapping with stretch film, introducing robotics combined with the 1000-mm high film reel and a non-revolving wrapping head in this sector. The range of robotic wrapping systems ensures:

  • 99,5% efficiency;
  • 8-hours autonomy thanks to the automatic wrapping head changeover;
  • total flexibility: possibility of wrapping products with strong dimensional variables ensuring the same wrapping quality;
  • low and steady maintenance TCO, guaranteed for 7 years;
  • possibility to use film from 15 to 50 µ;
  • high production speed;
  • reduction in film use and energy consumption.

The use of the 1000-mm high film reel offers the following advantages:

  • decrease in the frequency of the reel changes;
  • stability, greater securing of the product to the pallet, reduced sliding of layers of product;
  • decreased risk of deformation of the palletized product;
  • reduced number of wrapping turns to be applied to the product;
  • reduction in the operating speed of the system and, consequently, in the maintenance costs.



More than 300 integrated solutions


More than 2000 robotic systems


More than 5000 AGVS and LGVS


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